Fast, simple, secure US Copyright Registration for your screenplay or creative work.

Cost is $99 + applicable government filing fees.

Every application is carefully overseen and filed by lawyer Mark Sternberg, a licensed entertainment attorney in New York, so you can be assured that your work is properly protected to the fullest extent of the law.

We help you bypass the complex and expensive process of registering your work on your own or through a lawyer.  By using this service you’ll also benefit from our safe, encrypted backup repository and easy file request system. If you ever lose your document file or your computer hard drive fails, we’ll have a copy safe in our encrypted digital repository.

Why copyright registration is important:

  • Copyright registration protects your work to the fullest extent of the law, worldwide.
  • Distributors, producers, financiers and studios often require proof of copyright registration before your project will be made and/or sold.
  • It provides evidence of proper chain-of-title.
  • Public record of ownership for your work
  • Ability to sue in federal court for infringement
  • You are eligible to be awarded attorney’s fees in an infringement suit.
  • Ability to pass to heirs in a will, living trust or through intestacy

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