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Secure your story.

Looking to copyright your screenplay? We can help.

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ScreenCraft’s entertainment legal team can review your application and register your work with the US Copyright Office

Quickly register your creative work online with the United States Copyright Office using ScreenCraft’s simple filing service.  It takes less than 7 minutes.

Peace of mind

A licensed entertainment attorney will oversee your application personally and respond directly to you, so you can rest assured that your work is properly protected to the fullest extent of the law.

We help you bypass the complex and expensive process of registering your work on your own or through a lawyer.  By using this service you’ll also benefit from our safe, encrypted backup repository and easy file request system. If you ever lose your screenplay file or your computer hard drive, we’ll have a copy safe in our encrypted repository.

Why copyright registration is important:

  • Copyright registration protects your work to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Distributors, producers, financiers and studios often require proof of copyright registration before your project will be made and/or sold.
  • It provides evidence of proper chain-of-title.
  • Third-parties may find your contact information through the Copyright Office in order to inquire about rights in and to your work.
  • Public record of ownership for your work
  • Ability to sue in federal court for infringement
  • A party whose work is infringed may be entitled to statutory damages up to $150,000 per act if you register within ninety days of the first publication of your work.
  • You are eligible to be awarded attorney’s fees in an infringement suit.
  • Ability to pass to heirs in a will, living trust or through intestacy

Overseen by an entertainment attorney

A licensed attorney will personally oversee your registration and respond directly to you.

Your work properly protected

US Copyright Registration is the only means of protection that provides legal guarantees.

Bypass the complex and expensive process

The government’s registration process is cumbersome and time-intensive. We have streamlined a single application page, collecting only relevant information for registering TV and Film screenplays and other written works.

Easy file request system

If you ever lose your screenplay file due to damage, loss or theft, we will have your screenplay stored securely in our securely encrypted repository. You can request the file at anytime.


When can I expect to be notified when my script is successfully registered with the US Copyright Office?

You’ll receive a confirmation email right away, and a licensed entertainment attorney will email you within 24 hours to give you a status update on your registration. Most US Copyright Office registration confirmations come back within 2 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Our registration service costs $99 + government filing fee which is either $35 or $55 depending on a couple variables which will be determined in our quick and easy application form.

Do I need to register my script with the WGA too?

While some writers enjoy the added security of also registering with the WGA, a WGA registration is optional and not necessary, as US Copyright registration protects your ownership of your creative work the fullest extent of the law.

Secure your story.

Register with the US Copyright Office.

Register Here